Friday, August 11, 2006

Songs 209 to 211

And, once more. I'm almost done with my first three diss chapters. My bib has exploded to over 130 sources; all of which I've actually read. How did people ever do their dissertations pre-Internet? I can vaguely remember a time before email, I guess, but I do know that if I were not able to lock myself away upstairs with wireless access, oodles of online databases and e-journals, two-day Amazon prime, and my sleeping dog, I would never be cranking this astoundingly groundbreaking bit of scholarship out. I've been so engrossed that I put off my mani/pedi until today, even though I've had a broken nail since Sunday--cleverly camo'd with a series of Barbie bandaids. This, dear readers, is dedication. Okay, before I break for beauty, here are a few more songs.

Song 209: Babyshambles, "Kilamangiro." Oh, Pete Doherty, you are so very British--a Little Lord Fauntleroy druggie. The band is very brit-ty as well, but maybe not in the supersheen manner of Oasis. More like a stumbling into the pub, sad kind of band (think late-stage Replacements for a US version). Hope the implant works out for you.

Song 210: Tokyo Police Club, "Nature of the Experiment." A new wave-y song with a distorted mix. It has a nice, cold, clinical feel to it. Very distanced. It turns out they're Canadian, but this isn't the hippie-collective Canada. Well worth 99.

Song 211: The Go! Team, "The Power is On." I like the high school gym wall of sound in this song. It's like I'm at a pep rally in my kitchen without bleacher butt. This would likely be very inspirational par-tay music. Fun!

154 to go.