Saturday, August 05, 2006

Songs 200 to 208

Back once more. Went to Kansas City this week for a short conference and found that the earth was apparently melting there. I had no idea there was so much wealth in KC. I met up with friends from another college who had wisely equipped themselves with a rental car, and we drove into the city through a highly capitalized neighborhood. Swanky. Plus, we saw a mini-twister on the way home from dinner (brisket tacos!). Exciting. Before going on this trip, I managed to convince my uber-understanding spouse that the one thing that would kick my exercise regime into even higher gear was a dog, and I just happened to find the perfect one: a basset-blend at a local rescue shelter. I arranged to meet her when I got back from KC, but a lovely 3+ hour delay in an airport short of planes, flight crews, air conditioning, and seats at the Chili's-lite scotched those plans. (Note to dear readers: you know you're in trouble in an airport when you strike up a conversation with a bunch of military personnel who refer to the terminal you're in as appearing like a "third world country," since they actually have a frame of reference for same.) Fearing I would never get home that night, I quickly bought Bergdorf Blondes and finished it before my mega-delayed flight finally took off--nice trash that, along with a bag of gummi bears, really took the edge off the wait. I was able to meet and bond with the dog the following day, and she's now home with us. What a cutie! She'd been kicking around the shelter for a bit, so they were delighted that someone was so excited to get her. Before I forget, I also have to document the particularly surreal sensation of seeing Pharrell (very preppy) and KW on Good Morning America's Concert Series last Friday. The song was bleeped constantly. It was fabu! But, before the dog and I hunker down in my writing garrett for a rapid book chapter turnaround followed by a wrap-up on my first three dissertation chapters, I thought I'd log some iTunes-time.

Song 200: Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros, "Mondo Bongo." I just caught about half of Mr. and Mrs. Smith and quickly bought this song. I love that movie. Please, who wouldn't leave their spouse for Angelina Jolie. I think both she and George Clooney get a free pass on that topic (I flipped over at the end and saw Out of Sight on another channel: an almost perfect movie). This is a great song: seductive, personal, political, sad, beautiful.

Song 201: The Fifth Dimension, "Stoned Soul Picnic." I remember an old 5D album with a Leroy Nieman cover that my parents had. This is such an awesome summer song. And the production is so precise. Plus, "surrey down"? How can you beat that? Groove on, 5D!

Song 202: Tony Bennett, "He Loves and She Loves." I heard a replay of Terry Gross's interview with Mr. Bennett whilst driving around this week. This interview, coupled with the times I've seen him and Jancee Dunn's piece on him in her book, have convinced me that Tony Bennett is perhaps the most awesome human being ever. This is a beautiful, soft, melancholy valentine song that I've always loved, and his delivery is spot-on. Happy birthday, Mr. Bennett.

Song 203: Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians, "Stranger Things." Cute album cover art (a new feature in the latest iTunes download). This is a good song, very straight ahead, that sounds kind of retro in some indefinable way. Her voice actually sounds younger than it used to, which is weird.

Song 204: Fink, "Pretty Little Thing." This was a free download. It has the standard accousto-backing track (strum and pop). His vocals are also fairly nondescript--and the lyrics are almost parodic, though I think unintentionally so. (He looks very Rasputin-y and unironic on his website.) But, it was free.

Song 205: The Format, "Oceans." I cannot remember downloading this. It really isn't very good. The chorus is okay, but overall the song is annoying. Maybe this is another mistaken click. Sorry. Don't spend 99 on this song.

Song 206: Gym Class Heroes, "The Queen and I." Surprisingly, this isn't based on Sue Townsend's rather funny novel from the 90s. Instead, it's a kicky song, quasi-funk/punk/hip hop done full-on skater style. I like the "hey, hey, hey" choruses. I've never heard of them before, but they are on the Snakes on a Plane soundtrack. That's all I needed to know.

Song 207: The Mutts, "I Us We You." I've never heard of them either. Sonic distortion rock that sounds very 70s initially kind of coupled with Chris Issac vocals. Sounds dirty on several levels. Different and quite listenable. ("British people," says my husband with a tone of both scorn and admiration.)

Song 208: Puffy AmiYumi, "Sunday in the park." Wow, I thought this was a made-up Cartoon Network band, and then I learned they have several albums. Of course, that didn't stop the Partridge Family or the Monkees or Pink Lady and Jeff, I guess. This is very Japanese: kind of like the plastic sushi version of American music. Still, like plastic sushi and Lost in Translation, I find it remarkably appealing.

157 to go.