Sunday, March 05, 2006

Songs Sixty-Three and Sixty-Four

Whew, my written quals are over! Thank goodness for Cabrera's explanation of applied logistic regression, which included a lovely graph that one could cite and then recreate from memory in WordArt. My two days of mega-studying were broken only by short bursts of Pride and Prejudice (2005) viewing, what a wonderful damp and mucky wish-fulfillment world. My Mr. Darcy bought me a new 4GB iPod, which helped create a lovely cocoon of sound before and inbetween my exam sessions, and 54 cans of Tab, which helped throughout the entire process. Still, I am completely filled with untapped knowledge about the Dartmouth Case, Hopwood v. Texas, the Yale Report, and the like--and would be willing to answer any questions you have about such matters, dear reader, since my committee did not deign to ask. Now, that's over, I can move on to serious pursuits, like watching the Oscars whilst cleaning the bathroom!

I'm still on the covers jag, so here are two more Oscar-themed ones to bring me current.

Song Sixty-Three: Elaise Piper, "Ring of Fire." Much more upbeat than the original. Rather than burning, I this ring slightly singes. Ms. Piper's voice is pleasant, and the song still has a driving push throughout, but it isn't really tortured. Stick with the original--and see Walk the Line. Oh, and the only thing I could find on the Internet about Elaise Piper is a picture of her with Brad Pitt, which may explain this song.

Song Sixty-Four: Nouvelle Vague, "I Just Can't Get Enough." Yep, it's the old Depeche Mode tune and my tribute to Brokeback Mountain. I haven't really seen the movie (it seemed too noble and enriching for my escapist ABCFamily made-for-tv-romance-movie soul), but I have, of course, seen just about every parody--good and bad. Brokeback to the Future is my fav. As for the song in question, it improves on the original about 1000x. Admittedly, I am no Depeche fan; DM is a band that seems like a self-parody. The Nouvelle Vague version is perfectly upbeat continental-loungey, with a universal euro bossa-vibe. It has a brushy percussion production, complete with whistles, that is enveloping. Fun!

I wish I could quit you, cover songs--but there will be more next week.

301 to go.